The Mentoring scheme is temporarily in abeyance following the retirement of the organizer. It is hoped to appoint a new organizer shortly.

(Introduction: Updated from the Summer 2013 Newsletter)

Have you ever wondered if you could help today’s pupils at MGS to select at GCSE or ‘A Level’ the subjects which will be relevant to their proposed careers? Have you wondered if you could help them decide if a particular career like yours would suit them? Could you spare a little time to talk through career ideas with an MGS pupil? Might you be able to offer them a little work experience or even a job? Have you ever thought what a difficult job is that of the careers adviser?

No careers adviser, even with some valuable experience of working in industry, can possibly have firsthand experience to pass on for all of the crafts and professions in which students are showing an interest. We Old Maidstonians have experience covering an incredibly wide range of careers. Your committee feels that many of you would be happy to help present students if appropriate links could be set up. So we have set up a skills register for OMs who would like to make a contribution, either in person or by letter or email.

School staff will be watching for students who may benefit from a chat with an expert. They will pass the requirement to us (initially to me [Peter Weaver: email below]) and we will try to identify a suitable ‘mentor’ from our register. All we need now are your offers of help. Please consider completing the Mentoring form and send it to me.

This is not likely to be a very onerous commitment, but if you are called upon, your experience is likely to be invaluable and you will find the work rewarding. Don’t forget, you do not have to live near Maidstone. An e-mail exchange with a doctor in India or an electronics engineer in Singapore could be invaluable to a sixth former wanting authoritative information about his or her chosen career in faraway places.

Addendum (February 2016)

This scheme has now been running for two years, with success. We are now looking for mentors for the current year group. We need one or more mentors in a number of specialist areas. As mentioned above, mentors need not be senior people in their profession or geographically close to Maidstone (the scheme assumes people will use the phone or electronic communications). The areas where help is needed are veterinary medicine, software engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, physiotherapy and psychology. If you could help please contact Peter Weaver

The form to volunteer is here, either as a Word (doc) file:
Mentor form (Doc format)
or as a PDF file:
Mentor form (PDF)