The Society makes a number of grants (“Awards”) from general or specific charitable funds. For details of the grants scheme see the Guidance Notes (Downloadable Word file):
OMS Awards Scheme Guidance Notes. The application form is listed among the forms on the right.

It also awards some prizes, on recommendation of the School and its staff. Short descriptions follow. For fuller details see the downloadable Word document:
OMS Prizes.

The Turner Prize is awarded at the Senior School Speech day to a 6th Form student who has excelled at French. The prize consists of an engraved cup and a cheque in the sum of £200.

The following awards are usually presented at the Society’s Annual Supper.

The EF (Ted) Clifford Gift is awarded annually at the Annual Supper for excellence in History. The funds to maintain the gift were provided by the Clifford Family. The award was inaugurated in 2007.

The Society funds the Alex Stewart Memorial Tankard which is also awarded at the Annual Supper to the member of the Senior School contributing most during the school year either on the field of play or in the administration of sporting activities.
The awards are usually presented at the Society’s Annual Supper.

The Awards Scheme

The Old Maidstonian Society has at its disposal funds donated by former pupils, parents of pupils and staff.

The donations are held in Awards Funds. Some of the original Awards Funds have been amalgamated in order to reduce the complexity and administration. The names have been retained of all funds which were previously ascribed to a particular donor. The revised list of funds is as follows:
• The Old Maidstonian Award;
• GB Philips Award;
• Dicker Award;
• JF Payne Bequest;
• TP Gutteridge Award.

The purpose of the Awards Scheme is to alleviate hardship and to assist pupils who would otherwise be unable to continue their education, or would suffer significant loss of career or educational opportunities. Applications are assessed primarily upon the need of the applicant, but the following may be considered:
• The reason for requesting funding assistance;
• The ability of the applicant to demonstrate some excellence in a subject or activity;
• The applicant’s initiative, commitment and achievement;
• The ability to demonstrate some effort to self-fund their continued education.

Applicants must currently be attending Maidstone Grammar School. The Awards Scheme will be available at any time throughout the school year. Successful applicants should expect any award distribution to be administered by the school.

Applications will be reviewed by the Department Head or Deputy Head, and then by the Headmaster who will recommend to the OMS Committee whether or not an award should be made. The OMS Committee will have the final decision as to whether or not to make an award, and the amount.

The total amount awarded each year will be a maximum of £2,500 and will be taken from each Award Fund in proportion to its size. The GB Philips Award, Dicker Award, JF Payne Bequest and TP Gutteridge Award will be awarded until each fund is depleted, but the name of each fund will be perpetuated by retaining the sum of £1 in each. All donations will be placed into the Old Maidstonian’s Award Fund. Any interest accrued will be apportioned in proportion to the size of each fund until each is depleted.

Applications should be made on the OMS Awards Application Form, copies of which are available either from the school office or by e-mail request to Completed forms should be submitted to the Department Head or Deputy Head.

We would like to remind members that the ability to offer this sort of assistance to groups and individuals is funded entirely from donations and contributions from members. The generosity of the Society’s membership is vital in sustaining the funds.

Awards made in 2013

In 2013 two awards were made, one to a student to replace a personal computer to allow the student to complete their studies, and the second to a student to cover travelling expenses in continuing his education.